Recreational Cheerleading


Regular physical activity in young people is directly linked to increased physical health, improved motor skills, is proven to fight health risks such as obesity and increases confidence and mental well being. On top of this, Cheerleading is a team focused sport, and our athletes make friends for life! Cheer is a fascinating sport consisting of elements of tumbling, dance, lifts, and jumps which all together contribute to building strength, flexibility, mobility and stability. Cheerleaders not only see these physical health benefits, but become more confident, focused, become better team players and have so much fun whilst doing it!

Timetable and Prices

Recreational Cheerleading
£30 per month

Age 6-10 - Wed 5pm - 6pm
Age 11-16 - Wed 5pm - 6pm


£20 per month

Age 3-5 - Wed 4.15pm - 5pm

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We offer FREE, NO COMMITMENT trial sessions throughout the year for both our 6+ and 3-5 classes so if your child would like to come along and give cheer a go, just click the link on this page to book into the next taster session. 

recreational cheer proficiency 

Our recreational program is designed to build a solid foundation in cheerleading skills, whilst providing your child with an excellent sense of achievement and progression! Once your child has completed their intro course they will join the appropriate class for their age. Our recreational athletes will work through our Cheer Badge system, covering all aspects of cheerleading from tumbling, dance, jumps, motions and stunts (lifting). We believe that progress should be rewarded and athletes will receive certificates and badges as they progress through the program!

cheertots for ages 3-5

If your child is aged 3-5 they are able to jump right into our Cheertots classes! Cheertots is a great way for our tiniest athletes to learn the basics of cheer! Classes consist of motions, jumps, dance and tumbling skills, all set to music! Cheertots is the ideal way to improve coordination and memory skills for your budding little cheerleader! We are able to offer a free trial session for Cheertots so get in touch!