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Why is Cheerleading such a great sport for young people?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

We all know that the benefits of any sport to kids are huge and finding one they enjoy and get excited about can give them something to look forward to all week but why should your child get involved with Cheerleading?

Aviators Cheerleaders pose for a group photo at showcase in Leeds
Cheer isn't just a sport, it's a family!

We’re all missing seeing our friends and meeting new people and Cheerleading is a great way for kids to do this because building bonds happens naturally in a friendly team environment even if they’re feeling a bit shy after so long indoors. You spend lots of time with your stunt group, learning to trust them quickly too and training consists of lots of games or small challenges which help you get talking to everyone around you. As well as meeting people, being involved in a team will build their communication, teamwork and leadership making them more confident in any social situation.

Cheerleading is a new way to engage kid’s brains after months of home schooling that’s different from any PE they get to do in school too. Being active and achieving new skills while teammates cheer you on is something every child can be proud and excited about, hopefully they’ll come out of the gym smiling and desperate to tell you which new stunt they tried today every session. If they’re joining a recreational squad, they’ll also be absolutely no pressure to gain skills so they can develop at their own pace.

Engaging in sport can never be a bad thing, it will help to promote development of their bones and muscles as well as their cognitive skills as they learn to move their body in new ways. The strength and flexibility they gain will not only benefit them in any other sport they play but regular stretching can also help to prevent injury. As a team sport and welcoming environment cheerleading will hopefully encourage kids to love sport and keep them involved as they grow older because they associate it with fun instead of something they sometimes have to do at school.

Aviators Rocketeers competing at Future Cheer Circus Spectacular
Aviators Rocketeers competing at Future Cheer Circus Spectacular

Understandably, there may be some nerves going to a brand-new place with a new group of people when for the last year we’ve been telling kids to stay at home and keep their distance, but Aviators make sure both athletes and parents know the gym is safe. Our gym is big enough to stick to social distancing while there are still restrictions, both when training and when resting with spaced out chairs in the break area, hand sanitising stations and temperature checks on the way into the gym. What are some of the main benefits from taking part in Cheerleading as a sport;

#1 - Great way to make new friends

#2 - Get involved in fitness in a way that keeps it fun

#3 - Learn teamwork and leadership skills

#4 - Train strength, flexibility, and stamina

#5 - Gain skills to be proud of and feel accomplished

#6 - Friendly, welcoming environment

#7 - Fun team bonding opportunities

#8 - New and exciting, different to sport in school

#9 - Building confidence for performance

#10 - Creates a strong work ethic

At Aviators, all ages and abilities are more than welcome, there is a team for everyone! Register your interest now to receive all the information you’ll need to get started in info packs that will be sent out shortly! You can register by clicking this link!

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